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Dees Hiring : Marquees

Over 30 Years of  Expert Marquee Hiring Services in Durban and KwaZulu Natal (KZN)

Framed Marquees

Our white framed structured tents are exquisitely designed by our in house team of professional machinists using our unique design of arched overheads, making our tents stand out in any area, creating a unique atmosphere. We cater for household (20 - 300 seater) and major events (500 - 10 000 seater)…

Along with plain white side wall’s, there is also an option of cottage paned window sidewalls. These not only make your event look great but allows for light to enter your tent and allows for vision to enter your tent.

Our tents are always sold, before it’s life span allowing us to regularly renew thus always having new tents available. They are always, washed, cleaned and bagged after the confirmation of an order, prior to delivery.

We have different teams of skilled staff, allowing us to erect Marquees in the most complicated areas and weather conditions, providing you with quality workmanship. No job is too big or small for these guys.

Due to the harsh weather conditions we experience today, we secure our tents to the ground using ratchets and 4 ton webbing for extra stability.

Stretch Tents

The modern way when it comes to events.

Our stretch tents comes in a variety of colours and stylish designs guaranteed to cause a hype at your function.

Highly complemented with tiffany chairs and a cocktail set up!